World War 1

Honorary Captain G.L. Ingles (C. of E.) Died in England , January 1, 1915

Honorary Captain JD Morrow Died in Los Angeles 1916

Honorary Captain W.H.F. Harris (C. of E.) Died of wounds in London. May 5, 1917

Honorary Captain R.G.E. Crochietiere (RC) Killed in action April 2, 1918.

Honorary Captain D.G. McPhail (Pres.) Drowned at the sinking of the Llandovary Castle. 27 June, 1918.

Honorary Captain W.H. Davis (C. of E..) Killed in action August 9, 1918.

Honorary Captain R.J. Kain (C. of E.) Died October 17, 1918.

Honorary Captain C.A. Sparling (C of E) Died Octorber 26, 1918

Honorary Captain E.F. Johnston (Methodist) Died November 11, 1918.

Honorary Lieutenant Colonel W.H. Emsley (Methodist) Died October 15, 1919.

Honourary Captain J. Elliott (Presbyterian) Died December 12,1919

World War 2

Honorary Major M.H. Jackson, E.D. (C. of E.) Died while serving as District Chaplain (P). Vancouver. 6 November 1942.

Honorary Captain G.H. Wolfendale, M.B.E. (C. of E.) Died of wounds while prisoner of war in Italy. June 1944.

Honorary Captain G.A. Harris (C. of E.) Killed in action. Normandy. 6 June 1944.

Honorary Captain W.L. Brown (C. of E.) Killed by the enemy while a prisoner of war in Normandy. Early June 1944.

Honorary Captain N.R. MacSween (U. C. C.) Accidentally killed, England. 1 July 1944.

Honorary Captain W.A. Seaman (U.C.C.) Died of wounds in Normandy. 21 July 1944.

Honorary Captain K.E. Eaton (C. of E.) Died of wounds. Italy. 31 August 1944.

Honorary Captain A.E. McCreery (Bapt.) Killed in action in Germany. 4 May 1945.

Honorary Captain W.R. Hullin ( C. of E.) Killed in a motor accident in Belgium. 3 June 1945.

After 1945

Major H.R. Coleman (C. of E.)

Vivat Ecclesia! Domino Gloria!

Mori pro Patria!

We fight for Christ the King!