Honorary Captain J Elliott

The Rev Joseph Elliot was one of the longest serving chaplains to the CEF, despite his failing health. He went overseas in December 1915 and was attached to the 9th CMR and later to the ASC at Bramshort. He went to France in June 1916 to serve with the 6th Infantry brigade in the Salient, at the Somme and on the Vimy front. His health forced him to return to England in November 1916 where it appears his wife joined him for several months. In June 1917 he was appointed Senior Chaplain at the Machine Gun Depot at Crowborough and in July to the Railway Troops at Purfleet. From January 1918 to July 1919 he was chaplain to No. 4 , University Hospital  at Basingstroke. Returning home with this unit, he was invalided and died in Toronto of complications at age 50, in December 1919. He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, London., Ontario.