This site is about Canadian military chaplains.

I have always had a fascination with chaplains. Some of my earliest memories are from St George’s Mission in Kingston, Ontario, belting out hymns like “Onward Christian Soldiers.” Kingston was a military town and the men in my life were warriors. During World War 2, my three uncles were in the Army. My dad, like his dad before him, was in the air force. My grandmother was the strong one in the family, but she did have one fear. She was afraid that one day a chaplain would arrive at her door with an unwelcome news telegram.

After the war, the uncles went back to their jobs and my dad continued in the RCAF. He seldom went to church, but he made it clear: “If you ever have a problem, take it to the chaplain.” I never did take a problem to the chaplain, but I did become a Canadian Forces Chaplain.

Now retired, I have a pile of chaplain “stuff” and so many memories. Some of it you may find interesting. Chaplain history has become a hobby for me, and I will be adding to the site as time permits. Plan to return frequently. If you have a question, get in touch.

Major(Ret.) the Rev.(Ret.)

Albert G. .Fowler OMM CD2

BA (English) MDiv (Divinity) MA (Canadian History)

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