“Man is a complex being who functions objectively in a diverse continuum of events.”

Once upon a time, I attended Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Those were the days when a Bachelor of Arts degree meant that you could get a job, probably teaching high school, and afford a $1.00 cup of coffee. You could have a reasonable career and then retire to a beach in Bermuda. No one told me that a person with a liberal arts degree would never retire.

Since that time I have managed a couple more university degrees and enjoyed many years as a minister in the United Church of Canada, 26 of them as a chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces. I have retired several times: from the military, from the church, from writing personal histories, from my attempt to be a paid storyteller and more. But, I have failed at retirement!

This blog will reflect my many interests and reflections, especially in the areas of leadership, writing, oral storytelling, military and personal history. In, through and around it all will be thoughts on Social Media, marketing and on how to be a Christian in the 21 Century.

Your comments will always be welcome.

Major(Ret.) the Rev.(Ret.) Albert G.Fowler OMM CD2 BA (English) MDiv (Divinity) MA (History

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  1. I am captivated by your Title, Tag Line, and about me page. I am looking forward to following and reading your blog posts. Great work! Thanks for sharing! I feel your blog will enrich my life, so thank you! I think we have some similar ideas we want to share with the world so I look forward to reading your posts and communicating with you.
    All the best to you and yours! Here is to a Happy and Healthy 2015!
    Your classmate from Blogging 101,

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