I’m a Canadian … and I have a great story to tell !

I am a Canadian,… and I have a story to tell…
…If you are a Canadian, you have a story to tell too!
……It’s just that you might not know it yet…..

Stories are important. We are the stories we tell.

Stories tell us… where we came from…
                          …where we are now… 
                              …and where we are going!

There are so many great stories from Canada’s past, but we have forgotten them. We have become overwhelmed by that great myth making machine that lives to the south of us. To them we are no more than the boring inhabitants of the frozen north. There is the image of the Stalwart Mounted Policeman and his mandatory dog, who proudly gets into the way of anyone wanting to have a good time… but that’s it…. and they don’t even get that one right!

So many Canadians have done so many fantastic things, sometimes against incredible odds. They have been examples of strength, intelligence and endurance that we all could emulate.Guided by stories from the past, you could be the next great person in Canadian history!