Getting into the Habit

The good is not to be better than other people, but to be better than our previous self.”                                        Dalai Lama

You can blame it on Covid, but it happens every year! In early January I plot out my year and make all sorts of big decisions that will improve my life and keep me happy: a better blog; regular posting; more exercise; more sleep; healthier living. But it never seems to happen. Our best laid plans always seem destined to fail! But why does this happen?

Our motivation comes and goes. No matter how great and elaborate our plans, we stick to them for just a short time. Then come the excuses: too much to do; too tired; too distracted; too stressed, and on it goes. But are these the real problems?

Thinking outside of the box, perhaps the problem is that we strive for perfection, when we really should be setting our sights, at least at first, a little lower. If I decide to clean up my desk and keep it that way, it will never happen. But, if I decide to deal with one item per day and at a particular time, that will happen. Each day I will move one item, it will only take a minute or two. This way, I will soon be mindlessly doing the job each day and a habit will form. Before long I will be keeping my desk clean, my blog written and posted, my needed exercise and enough sleep… Just starting with one minute per day!