The Double-Loop Theory of Change

In order to continue in these time of rapid change organizations, including the church, need to recognize some basic theories about how social and cultural organizations change. One such theory is known as the double loop theory of change . As one institution approaches the end of its time, innovators from within evolve in new ways, eventually replacing the old organization with something new and different. The following illustration shows how it works: (clicking on it may help you see the details.)

double loopSome innovations fail, but others succeed and communities of support form around them. As these new communities evolve they gain supporters from the old organization who help steward the process as it continues on.

There are many organizations and processes in Western society beginning their descent to oblivion. In these rapidly changing times we need innovators willing to risk the leap and, in so doing, keep our culture from decay.

Life: A Continual Stream of New Beginnings

2014-03-12 12.42.32

It is spring in Victoria, as new life pushes aside the decay of yesterday and offers the promise of future abundance.

So too this blog, at, rises into being. Building on the experience of many posts on so many blogs now past, I hope it will become the central blog from which many contributions will spring forth.