Blogging 101 Task #1

After playing at social media, as time permitted over the past couple of years, I decided to give this basic Blogging 101 course a try. This post is my first assignment.

Who am I? I guess it requires a story?

I took a lot of time to get through university, and perhaps I never did… After three years of Chemistry I learned to read and immediately switched to Arts. The English language became my passion until I ran into Blake’s Book of Thel and, before I realized it, I was studying theology! Well what do you do with degrees in English and Theology?  You preach! The Church sent me to a lonely hilltop in rural Canada and I prepared for a lifetime of green grass and co-ops… Salvation came in the form of a military chaplain who made me an offer hard to refuse and led me into 30 years of service to Queen ( I am Canadian)  and country as a military chaplain.  Always a teller of stories, the chaplains asked me to tell their story and back I went to university to study History.  The result was a book: Peacetime Padres. You are young when you retire from the military, which led me back to my job with the United Church of Canada. Over the past 20 years, I have been part of the change that has swept the church  and now actively try to figure out where religion is headed. Along the way I learned how to make money as a writer (personal histories) and then discovered television production and social media. Throughout all, I remain a teller of stories.

So what am I doing here? Many of my peers are busy relaxing on sandy beaches and studying-up for their finals… but for me there are still roads to travel, bridges to cross and mountains to climb. This is my time to learn how to write an effective blog.



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